Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Got my groove, now, about my husband!

Plan?! We don't need no stinking plan! At least, that's what I'm telling myself at the moment lol. I had a great week of running last week, managing to get in a solid 62kms, including two days where I did the single parent thing as my hubby was off at a family wedding. The thing is, I ran more than I "needed" to, given the existing HM plan I've been using, but I'm right on track with the 50km plan in the book Relentless Forward Progress. The problem is, I don't have a 50k at the end of it to run. So, I've been thinking that maybe I'll add a few weeks onto the RFP plan and extend it right out to 30 weeks-the time I have between now and the next Waskally Wrabbit Ultra. God-I sure hope Karine and Jodi put it on again! My focus this time around will be to build up slooowly so I don't overtrain like I did last spring. So, saying that I think I'll keep my current mileage in a holding pattern and try to get comfortable with 60km+ weeks in the months ahead. Currently that looks like two 7 mile days, three 5 mile days and a 14-16 miler. Last week I split up my long run into one 7 miler and an 8 miler but this week I'm cashing in my "single parent time" for a nice long run on Saturday morning. On a the non-RR note, my hubby has been told that his waistline is starting to resemble that of his grandfather's so he's got a bit of a shot in the arm to get his diet on track. I'm committed to helping, so if that means no more cookies in the evening, well, marriage has its sacrifices eh? The issue is, he has always been able to get himself on track with his diet if he tries, but finding some form of exercise that he enjoys has been a struggle, and we all know you need to do both to live a healthy life. He has a bad case of plantar fasciitis at the moment so running hurts too much. I've encouraged him to take his bike for a spin, but it still sits in the garage. He doesn't seem to see walking as exercise, since I'll head out with the dog and sometimes our daughter and he has no real interest to join us. Forget my Power 90 vidoes-he quits after 5 minutes. His golf clubs sit abandoned beside the bike in the garage. Ugh. I wish I knew what the heck would get him moving, but so far, no luck. The search continues I suppose.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autumn Highlights

Okay, yes, I have been scarce recently. I have a few (really legit) good reasons for this, but they are mostly the non-running kind so I'll save those for another post. Needless to say, I am still planning on running the MEC half on October 26th and have been training my buns off recently for it..although the LSD run has been a hard one to find motivation for. Okay, update on my life. My beautiful, talented daughter has joined a competitive dance group so this means 1.5 hour practices that the parents cannot watch once and sometimes twice a week, so when she asked me what I would do for those 1.5 hours I said, "Run-of course!" The area where she practices with her team is not an area I've had any familiarity with so it has meant new places to explore-yay! I have to say, my first impressions of this area were SO wrong. I thought this area was just a bunch of subdivisions with loopy streets I'd have to plod around, killing time and miles. Instead I found an oasis of a trail system winding through gorgeous fur trees and under numerous bridges, along a lake and through a greenbelt. Bliss! So this new routine has turned out to be a blessing, my daughter gets to practice at something she loves and make new friends and I get to enjoy my 1.25 hour runs in a new and beautiful place. Win-win! We are both pretty happy at the end of her practice :-)

The Lake

I LOVE new trails!

Friday, August 29, 2014

After all this HM training, I think I like the Marathon better!

Yup. That's the conclusion I've come to after these past 4-5 weeks of HM training. While the shorter mileage is a nice break, especially during these really hot afternoons, there's something more simple about marathon training. Yesterday I had a peek at a Runner's World marathon training plan and it looked like an old friend, comfortable and simple. Just log lots of miles, then some more it basically said. None of this V02 Max workout stuff, hill sprints 'till I could hurl or tempo runs that kick my butt. Nope, just log some miles, then do some more. Ahhh. So I think I might take a brief pause from the HM stuff and jump into some marathon training for a week or two. You know, to keep things fresh. Haha.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Country roads and beautiful views - last camping trip of 2014

Big Island Road

This past weekend I went camping with the family and my in-laws in Merigomish. While the weather was cold and overcast I did manage to have a great ocean-side run between camp fires and bbqs. I had looked around Google Map to some ideas on which direction I should head on my long run Saturday morning. After a wee bit of scanning around I was able to establish two things. One, there was no trail system anywhere close to this area. Second, there WAS a cool little road (I hoped) that seemed to run between a lake and the ocean just 5kms from where we would be camping. So, Saturday morning I laced up and plodded down the dirt road to the main road, taking a left and heading out to find Big Island road which Google said was about 2km from where I was. 3km later (nice accuracy Google-sheesh) I finally spotted it and made another left onto a very old road. So far the breeze had been nice and cool but as soon as I turned onto Big Island road the skies opened up and it poured. With little else to do about the situation I hid my phone so it wouldn't get wet and tried to catch some water falling from the sky. Then, just a few hundred meters up the road the rain stopped and the sun peeked out. Just at that point I crested a small hill and was met with a gorgeous view of the ocean and the road I was aiming for. After a small downhill I was on the road with a calm lake to my left and breaker rocks and huge waves to my right. I couldn't resist the temptation of the ocean so I had to go check it out. The current was really strong but the water on my feet felt wonderful and made the 8km run back to camp so much nicer. Overall my pace was pretty good for not taking any water with me, and I was able to squeeze in a run while everyone back at camp was still waking up. When I got back my wonderful husband was cooking up a delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon. Could life be more perfect than that?!

A New Buddy

View from the beach

Beautiful view-cold water!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The HM project: Days 8 & 9...and doin' fine!

Flexibility seems to be the word of my week so far. No, not the yoga-bendy kind, but schedule flexibility so I can fit everything in. Some weeks just need more flexibility than others I guess. My Monday 3 miler went fine, but I feel like I cheated a bit by only doing a 20 minute strength session, using a workout app (Workout Trainer) on my phone. I had some serious burn but still, not the "holy-crap-sweat-my-butt-off" kind of burn I get from P90X. Yesterday I did a 2 mile warm up and then 5 hill repeats of 30 seconds each. My quads were burning big time after that and I needed the 1 mile cooldown to recover my own breath! It was a good run though, and a beautiful day for it too. My eating plan is going okay. I still manage to do really well right up to about 10pm when things fall apart. Ugh, I'm getting there. Today I've got a 4 miler with 4 x 20 second strides at the end. After I finish that it'll be time to pick up Han and then head off to get groceries for the upcoming week and camping trip to Merigomish. I've been Google-mapping the area to see if there is any kind of local trail system around Merigomish but it seems I'm out of luck. It looks like Peanut and I have the choice of banging out 9 miles Saturday morning along the country roads of Pictou County or on the beach of Merigomish. The bright side to the camping trip is the fact it's really hard to over-eat since we have limited food and resources while we're there. I'm hoping that will help me cut out my 10pm binge time. Well, today is looking beautiful again so I'm looking forward to this afternoon's run commute. Have fun out there-and don't forget the sunscreen!

Monday, August 18, 2014

The HM Project: Days 6 & 7

Day 6 was my rest day. It certainly didn't feel very restful though between a soccer tournament, school supply shopping, canvas mending (for our pop up camper), and new outdoor patio set assembling! But in the end all of our little tasks got accomplished which paved the way for a more restful Sunday, right after my long run and one more soccer game. The long run on Sunday was short by my usual standards, but it was also nice not to be out there for 2+ hours for one weekend. I grabbed the dog (Peanut is up to about 7 miles now), then we headed out to the "Moose" in Cow Bay. There were alot of cyclists but just one other runner out on the country road. I got to enjoy the gorgeous view of the ocean for the last 2 miles before our turnaround while Peanut enjoyed showing off for all the yelping dogs stuck behind fences as we passed. This week isn't too tough. Today and Wednesday I've got 3 miles + strength workouts to do, and tomorrow is a speed work session consisting of 7x400 meters at 5k race pace. Depending on the weather I'll decide if I'm going to do the repeats at the indoor track or the old outdoor track next door. Then Thursday is a 45 minute tempo run, another 3 miler set for Friday and a 90 minute "long" run set for Saturday while we're camping in Merigomish with my husband's family/my in-laws. I'm looking forward to the Merigomish long run, I'm going to do a bit of Google map scouting to see what sort of trails might be close. My expectations aren't too high though, I expect to plod along a country road for this one. Well, with coffee in hand, let's get this week started! Have a good one!

Friday, August 15, 2014

The HM Project: Day Five

Yay it's Friday! I managed to avoid the rain yesterday during my 40 minute run which also meant that kids soccer would be a go. After a month and a half of go-go-go each weekend I think it's been catching up with me. But yesterday was the last kids soccer practice so I grabbed my big-girl pants and off we went. The run itself went well. I was a bit sluggish at first and then after a mile or so I had to remind myself that this was an easy run, not a tempo run. The sun was shining and warm so it was a beautiful day for a run. Today I've got 3 miles to do, but really its a rest day, I am just switching my Sunday for today so I can have a weekend day off. Tomorrow is my long run of only 90 minutes so I should be able to wrap that up before heading off to the last soccer tournament of the season for the rest of the morning. The eating plan is going along alright, certainly not as well as the running side, but I'm honestly getting there. I know if I go "cold turkey" with the snacks I like I won't stick with this plan for long so I'm trying to make small changes each day that eventually should result in what I'm looking for. One day at a time...